Q&A: Poulan Chainsaw is getting spark and fuel but wont start?

Question by hurst1979olds: Poulan Chainsaw is getting spark and fuel but wont start?
I have a Poulan chainsaw and it is getting spark as I tested with my spark tester. I just recently rebuild the carburetor. I spray starting fluid in it and it still work even kick over. What do you think is wrong?

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Answer by f100_supersabre
SOME models of Poulan had trouble with the crankcase gasket.

IF the gasket is bad, it won’t be able to create a vacuum to suck the fuel into the crankcase.

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  • renpen:

    You also have to have compression. If the rings are worn there may not be enough compression to start it. You will need a compression gauge for that. Also, I wonder about rebuilding the carburetor. Did you get a rebuild kit? Check the compression and check for air leaks.

  • William B:

    you said you rebuilt the carb, did you by chance leave the reed valve out [or put it on backwards ] when you put the carb on ?

  • t-rexs:

    dad says the problem is that it is a poulan try Husqvarnas

  • RoeB:

    would check the diaphragms and gaskets and make sure you have them installed correctly. The metering diaphragm which is one with the metal plate on it has a gasket between it and the carb. body. the pump diaphragm which is the flat one with a couple of flaps on it goes directly to the carb. body with a gasket on top of it next to cover.

  • gmf:

    Pull the spark plug and hold your finger over the hole and pull the cord. Is there compression? Check your exhaust. Make sure the screen isn’t plugged. A lot of 2 cycles the exhaust will plug up and she won’t run! Leave the air filter off and fully choke it. What happens? Does it flood out or is it starved? If it’s flooded make sure you pull the plug and turn it over a few times to dry it out! Whats your plug gap? Got the right fuel mixture? Fresh gas? Is the carb starved? Dump a little mix in the carb directly. Does it start? Good Luck!

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