Merlin, World’s Smallest Chainsaw

This video shows you the correct way to use Merlin and its accessories. Merlin is the world’s smallest chainsaw and is great for bowl making, detail work on carvings, hoof trimming and taxidermy.

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3 Responses to “Merlin, World’s Smallest Chainsaw”

  • 57hound:

    Great tool. I use the whole range of King Arthur tools and they all help me turn my visions into reality quickly and efficiently.

    If I could offer some friendly criticism–please ditch the music. It is so obtrusive and obnoxious I had to mute my speakers. What are you trying to accomplish here–present information on your tools or make music videos?

  • wrightylaaad:

    where can you get these in the UK ? I want one!!!!!!!!

  • dtcheatham:

    want one of these!!

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